Hyperlinker for InDesign

Inkwire Hyperlinker is the most advanced and fully-featured hyperlink creation software available for Adobe InDesign. Automatically find web addresses, email addresses, domain names and phone numbers, and convert them to hyperlinks, ready for electronic publishing.

Now, with Hyperlinker 2, you can turn ordinary text (company names, product codes, you name it) into working hyperlinks with Hyperlinker’s powerful new custom search and URL building tools.


In our testing, Hyperlinker found 100% of all valid URLs, including those using the new gTLDs.

Simple and easy to use

An intuitive interface makes creating thousands of hyperlinks as easy as clicking a button.

Hyperlinker user interface screenshot


Hyperlinker's settings give you unparalleled control over your search parameters and output.

Time (and face) saving

Why wait for your clients and readers to tell you their eBook links aren’t working?

How does Hyperlinker improve on InDesign’s built‑in tools?

Out of the box, InDesign comes with a Hyperlinks panel for managing your document’s hyperlinks. But adding a link this way requires you to click multiple times and enter a destination URL manually. Imagine doing this tens, hundreds, or even thousands of times!

For batch processing of URLs, Adobe does provide a very basic script called ‘Convert URLs to Hyperlinks’. It’s certainly better than nothing, but if you’ve had to rely on this script extensively, you already know that its results can be… a little patchy. The script is also painfully light on features and options. Don’t want all your URLs turned into ‘shared destinations’? There’s no option for that. Want more meaningful names in the Hyperlinks panel than ‘Hyperlink’, ‘Hyperlink 1’ …  ‘Hyperlink 386’? You’re out of luck. Want some way of using GREP to link ordinary text to external URLs? Fuhgeddaboudit.

That’s why I created Hyperlinker.

Feature InDesign’s ‘Convert URLs to Hyperlinks’ script Inkwire Hyperlinker
Choose your search scope (document, story or selection)
Choose whether to include master pages and footnotes X
Find web addresses
Find IP addresses
(excluding naked IP addresses)
Find new generic top-level domains (gTLDs)
(excluding naked domains)
Find incomplete URLs (naked domains)
(excluding IP addresses and new TLDs)
Find URLs with foreign or non‑ASCII characters X
Find email addresses
Find telephone numbers X
Add hyperlinks to custom search (GREP) results X
Add missing schemes (protocols) to hyperlink destinations
(no https)
Append custom path fragments to hyperlink destinations X
Create both shared and non-shared hyperlink destinations X
(shared only)
Prevent unwanted line breaks X
Apply character styles to hyperlink source text
Clear unwanted character overrides from hyperlink source text X
Support for InDesign’s Visible Rectangle property X
Option to replace existing hyperlinks X
Hyperlink Panel names match URLs X
Safe to use with discretionary line breaks X
Safely undo the Convert All command with a single undo X
(requires multiple undos)
Script runs in a non-modal (palette-style) window
Safe to change active document while using script X
Settings are preserved when the script window is closed X

This comparison is based on the latest released version of Adobe’s ‘Convert URLs to Hyperlinks’ script at the time of testing (Adobe InDesign CC 2020). Adobe’s script fails to find many perfectly valid URLs, particularly in older versions like CS6 (where it also fails to add missing schemes).

The first time I used Hyperlinker I was blown away by how quickly and seamlessly it was able to find and convert links in a large document. Thank you for this brilliant software that will save so much time (and sanity).

As a designer who needs to convert the print journals I produce into interactive PDFs, I was so relieved to find Hyperlinker. It makes what was previously a slow, tedious and error-prone process into a quick, easy and accurate one.

What a great script! This is a huge timesaver and does exactly what is needed for books that have a lot of links. I easily recouped the cost of the script within minutes.

Hyperlinker Unlimited

Get the unlimited version of Hyperlinker (and help us create more great apps!) with a one-time purchase of US $15.

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