Hyperlinker for InDesign

Hyperlinker is a script for Adobe InDesign that helps you do one thing and do it well—find URLs within your document and convert them to hyperlinks, ready for electronic publishing.


In our testing, Hyperlinker found 100% of valid URLs and email addresses, including those using new top-level domains.

Easy and simple to use

Find and convert thousands of URLs into working hyperlinks without knowing a jot of GREP.

Hyperlinker user interface screenshot


Hyperlinker's settings give you unparallelled control over your search parameters and output.

Time (and face) saving

Why wait for your clients and readers to tell you the PDF links aren't working? Make Hyperlinker a part of your workflow today.

How does Hyperlinker compare to InDesign's built-in URL converter?

If, up until now, you’ve had to rely on Adobe’s Convert URLs to Hyperlinks command, you already know that its results can be… well, a little patchy. And near enough isn’t good enough when you’re creating a hyperlink. An almost complete URL still means a ‘404 Not Found’ error. That’s not the way to impress your readers or clients. It’s also light on options. Don’t want all your URLs turned into ‘shared destinations’? Too bad. Want more meaningful names in the Hyperlinks panel than ‘Hyperlink’, ‘Hyperlink 1’, ‘Hyperlink 2’ …  ‘Hyperlink 386’? Sorry, you’re out of luck. Unless of course… you make the switch to Hyperlinker.

Feature Convert URLs to Hyperlinks Inkwire
Choose your search scope (document, story or selection)
Choose whether to include master pages and footnotes X
Find email addresses
Find incomplete URLs (naked domains)
(but not new TLDs)*
Add missing protocols to hyperlink destinations ✓*
(http only)
Create both shared and non-shared hyperlink destinations X
(shared only)
Prevent unwanted line breaks X
Apply character styles to hyperlink source text
Clear unwanted character overrides from hyperlink source text X
Support for InDesign’s Visible Rectangle property X
Jump to previous and next URL X
(next only)
Option to replace existing hyperlinks X
Hyperlink Panel names match URLs X
Settings are preserved when script window is closed X
Settings are preserved when selection changes X
(scope not preserved)
Gracefully handle change of active document X
(changes affect the document that was active when the script window first opened)
Safe to use with discretionary line breaks X
(discretionary characters break hyperlink destinations)
Single undo to reverse Convert All X
Find new top-level domains (TLDs)
(but not naked domains)*
Find IP addresses X*

*This comparison is based on the latest released version of Adobe’s Convert URLs to Hyperlinks script at the time of testing (Adobe InDesign CC 2019, version 14.0.1). If you’re using an older version of InDesign, like CS6, Adobe’s script may find some URLs that their newer version misses, but your overall rate of found URLs is likely to be significantly worse. In InDesign CS6, Adobe’s script also fails to add missing protocols.

Pay once. Use forever.

Buy Inkwire Hyperlinker 1.0.1 for a one-time payment of US $20. There are no ongoing subscription costs, and minor updates are free.

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