Download and installation

  1. Download Hyperlinker 3000 (free and fully-featured for documents up to 3000 words long), or purchase Hyperlinker Unlimited. (Requires InDesign CS6 or Creative Cloud).
  2. Double-click the compressed Zip file (or right-click on the file and select ‘Extract All’ or ‘Open’, depending on your platform).
  3. Move the ‘Inkwire Hyperlinker’ (or ‘Inkwire Hyperlinker 3000’) folder to InDesign’s ‘Scripts’ folder, which can be found in the Adobe InDesign application folder.
  4. Launch InDesign, and confirm that the Inkwire Hyperlinker command is now available from the Hyperlinks panel menu.

Hyperlinker Unlimited

Get the unlimited version of Hyperlinker (and help us create more great apps!) with a one-time purchase of US $15.

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